Sunday, March 18, 2007

Speaking of Claremont

Love it or hate it, Claremont is our next door neighbor and we Pomonians may as well take advantage of it. Claremont has a lot of special events this spring at their main library in the Village. The next event is on Saturday, March 31 at 2 p.m. when Joe the ventriloquist will perform. I'll be posting the other events as they come up.

Unlike the Pomona library which is run by the city, Claremont is part of the Los Angeles county library system. As a result, they have more special events and they rent out DVDs and VHS tapes. Their collection includes lots of educational kids stuff that you don't see at Hollywood Video, plus you can rent it for one whole week. Don't worry, even lowly Pomonians can register for a library card in Claremont.

Claremont's toddler storytimes are at 11:30 a.m. on both Fridays and Saturdays. Their storytime does not hold a candle to Ms. Lois at the Pomona Library (Tuesdays at 10:15 a.m.), but the kids still seem to like it. Yesterday, they had a St. Patrick's Day craft after the story time. The address is 208 N. Harvard, heart of the Claremont village. Be there, and be square. (Thanks puppet lady for telling me about Claremont's nickname of Square-mont.)

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