Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Silence

Not to worry. I haven't run out of ideas and information. I've just run out of steam and energy. 111 degrees today. Tomorrow's supposed to be the same. This is the hottest it has ever been in my three years in Pomona.

Does heat bring out the crickets? Because there's now a whole orchestra in our front yard. And ants? Well, the ants have even invaded my car because of the heat. They descended upon the diaper wipe pack I keep in there like it was honey. There's an ant crawling up my leg right now (seriously). Our poor dog Thelonious has been waking up surrounded by an army of them as well. So looking forward to the fall -- my favorite season. Trying to stay positive here: moderate weather is only 3 months away.


Ontario Emperor said...

This is an unusual summer - it can get this hot, but normally doesn't get this humid.

Found you via a post in the old Inland Empress blog, by the way. And yes, I do write about just about anything...

Anonymous said...

In all of our 10 years living in Pomona with no AC or insulation, it never was that hot. Truely it never reached 111 degrees. The highest temp I remember was 109, and it was not so humid that day for sure. We did have a really crazy storm in August of '97 or '98 hot, humid, and disgusting it started raining hard, there was a small tornado and lightening struck the tree just across the street from my house (Columbia).
Now here we are in our new ('80s) house and we get the worst constant heat in years and our lovely AC unit(the first time we have had AC in 10 years of marriage) conked out on Saturday morning. There is at least a two week wait for repairs!!! oh well glad for the years of getting used to no ac.
The uv index has been thru the roof this week too. There are some fun indoor play areas. McDonalds LaVerne and SanDimas have nice well kept play areas. Chick Fil A located in Chino Hills, Ontario, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga also have nice well kept play areas.(You dont need to eat there. We usually just get drinks) Also Montclair mall and the new Barnes & Nobel.
The boys and I spent Monday in the mountains (Angelus Oaks) it was rainy and we were witness to a glorious thunder storm and best yet it was under 60 degrees.
Keep cool.