Monday, July 17, 2006

News Flash: LaBrea Bakery Bread now at Stater Bros.

Every time I have been to the Garey Ave Stater Bros, for the past 2 weeks, they have had La Brea Bakery bread. Yahoo! This is different than before, when they only carried it intermittently because they thought people in Pomona wouldn't buy good bread.

I'm hoping Staters also now carries it regularly at their other Pomona area stores. Even their Foothill Blvd store in Claremont didn't have it the one time I went there to look for it. Perhaps that store gets the Pomona treatment because it is so close to the Pomona border.

The La Brea bread from Stater Bros tastes better than the Trader Joe's version. It's either fresher (it's actually been warm a few times I've gotten it) or Stater Bros. more properly stores it. Bread is very sensitive to that sort of thing. My husband got a couple baguettes from Trader Joe's and I can barely eat them now, since the Stater Bros. loaves are so much more yummy.

Oh and because we're Pomona and all that, Stater Bros. has been discounting the price on the bread in order to entice people to buy it. So at $1.50 a baguette, it's actually cheaper to buy it at Staters than at Trader Joe's. Their revised corporate philosophy seems to be that people in Pomona DO eat good bread, but only when it's cheap. Whatever.

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Ontario Emperor said...

Take advantage of the low prices while you can!