Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Milestone Today

At some point today, this blog will have hit it's 1,000th viewing. Least you think I don't know you're out there, I am able to see how many people come to the site each day. So far, with the exception of Puppet Lady, there are no regular contributors. But since the target group here is busy, sleep-deprived moms and dads, that's no suprise and it really is okay with me. I just think it might be a more interesting place if people besides ME were spouting off.

People often mention to me that they've read the blog, but for one reason or another have not posted. Although some of my closest mother friends STILL haven't found a spare minute to log on. I understand motherly time constraints: my son does not let me go to the bathroom without asking "pee pee or caca?" Over the weekend, some one informed me that you have to join blogspot in order to post on this blog. I had no idea that was the case, as I set it up so that anyone could post. I've rechecked this setting, so it appears to be some kind of kink in the blogspot program. I'm looking into this problem. Sorry guys, I had no idea there WAS a problem. Can someone else let me know if t's true that you have to register, as opposed to post and run?

Also if I can be so tacky as to ask you to click on the advertising at the top of the blog every now and then, as it earns me pennies towards that digital camera I keep going on about.

I'm still defining the parameters of this blog. I know sometimes it veers into a "Life in Pomona" blog, but I'm trying to keep it fairly on course for the most part. Here's to 1,000 more miles.

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