Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Man of Letters and Two Biking Missionaries Seen in Pomona

Yesterday I worked the 31st Annual Historic Home Tour in Pomona. The 200 block of Garfield was blocked off with vendors, which included David Allen selling his book. I'm proud to say I finally bought a signed copy from "A Man of Letters" himself.
While walking home I was approached by the two biking Mormon missionaries of Pomona. I've been wanting to photograph these guys for the blog for years. They stopped to ask me what was going on the neighborhood, so I finally had them stationary to ask for a photo. The slight aura around them was not photoshopped, that's the real deal!

The one on the left, Elder Geeding has been in Pomona a few months and will be returning to his hometown in Missouri soon to attend college. That's Elder Rangle on the right, a newbie to Pomona, from Utah. Their coverage area extends down to Holt Street, so I had to get their thoughts on our town. Elder Geeding said he had been in East L.A and was warned about "Dirty Pomona" before coming here. He said "Dirty Pomona" has not been his experience at all, and he's enjoyed getting to know the nice people here.

We all agreed that Pomona needs more bike paths. Maybe if we build them, we will encourage more young people riding around Pomona for a good cause, or at least fewer bicycle fatalities. I say build them and find out. THE END


Dana said...

My husband has some grandiose bike path ideas for Pomona...blocking off whole streets to make separated paths, converting alleys into lit bike paths, freeway adjacent paths. The crazy thing is that it can actually be done, with some decision makers green lighting the ideas. As far as paint goes, Yes, build it....we're already here and waiting! :)

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