Friday, June 05, 2015

Pomona Trees Have Style

Here's my favorites around town:

Winner of the most emotional tree (especially in the fall when this photo was taken) is the walnut tree at Towne and Mission. Located in front of the New Town Grill whose Chef Fred boasts a special sauce and the motto, “Barbeque for more people."

The tallest tree in Pomona is a palm located in Lincoln Park. Some nights it's taller than the moon.

Most screwed up tree has to be the corkscrew palm on Lower Indian Hill Blvd. Head south from San Berdoo Avenue and you will see it on your right before you hit Holt. Most perfect looking trees, to the point of looking fake, are in stone planters along Second Street downtown. They are decked out in a necklace of lights year round. Anyone know what kind they are?

Lastly, the most unconventional on the list, is the "Molles Manor Family Tree" on lower Towne Avenue north of Philadelphia. The family tree lists each family member, where they live now and how many miles they landed from that spot where they grew up. Pretty cool, plus it's drought tolerant.

Be sure to list your favorite Pomona tree below.


Palomares Pete said...

Lincoln Park's family tree is at the corner of Jefferson and Palomares. It's a sycamore whose trunk has grown horizontal. Many a family picture has been taken on that tree (it's like the one in front of Bridges Auditorium in Claremont). The house that owns the tree is for sale now. The new owner better not even THINK about cutting it down.

Martha Bautista said...

I know the family that used to own that house where the sycamore tree is. A lovely family, My daughter used to love to climb that tree branch.