Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lincoln Park is getting a Starbucks. No, seriously.

YOu know the deserted gas station at Alvarado and Garey? They fenced it off last week and demolished the tanks and building. I was driving by this morning and saw a foreman for the construction out on the street, so I stopped to ask what they were building. I was thinking it was going to probably be something I would never use like a laundry mat for the folks over at the Pomona Lodge, or a janitorial supply store. I just about crashed the car when the guy told me it was going to be a Starbucks. Really, a Starbucks? I hope this guy was not playing a practical joke on me. The alarm company guy was right next to the foreman and assured me it was true.

I had always envisioned a funky coffee shop such as the one above, but after being subjected to that abandoned corner for 11 years now, well I am actually pretty over the top happy that Corporate America is coming to Lincoln Park. Anything that increases the amount of people walking, talking, biking and now drinking cofffee in Lincoln Park is a good thing.

What I am not so happy about is the lack of any publicity about these things coming before they are actually a done deal. Such as the Walmart grocery store up at Arrow and Towne, which is taking the longest time to get built btw. We are definitely getting the Pomona treatment on that one. It's sad becuz the mini mall where the Walmart is going in is finally at full capacity. I worry that some of those small businesses with delightfully funky names and signs will be put out of business when the new Walmart grocery store finally comes to town. I think there is this feeling that any business, be it Walmart or an exotic foot parlor, is welcome business in Pomona becuz we are so desperate to fill our vacant buildings. I think it's important for Pomona to keep our funky, handpainted sign vibe while still being vibrant and clean.

I keep thinking there is a catch with the Starbucks, tho. Will we be getting a "drive thru only" Starbucks with no foot traffic or something like that? Something "Less Than" when we deserve so much more?

If my coffee drinking friend is any indication, at the prospect of being able to walk to the corner to get her Starbucks iced teas, the reaction was "Shocked but Stoked." Truly. Should be one busy Starbucks full of familiar faces... THE END


Anonymous said...

That's great to hear.

Anonymous said...

I've always known that lot to house the lease sign and nothing else.. It was a pop up tree lot and something else once.

Goddess of Pomona said...

According to David Allen, it's going to mostly be a drive thru with patio seating (that's the other shoe dropping). Maybe if we bring the location enough sit down business they will build us a real one.

G of P

A C said...

Wonderful, welcomed news. Even if the Starbucks is the "abbreviated" version to the usual coffee house, this directs attention in the right direction. Hoping it comes into fruition. Thanks for reporting, goddess.

Skrip said...

I'm in N.E. Pomona and we have one on Indian Hill (well, it is technically Claremont, Pomona adjacent) but I'd pop in over there to check it out often!