Saturday, July 12, 2014

Enlightenment, Redwoods and Edward James Olmos in Pomona

One can find many interesting and unexpected things in Pomona.

Just four examples:

1. Enlightenment and tranquility.

Just ask Monica Woo, who wrote about finding it at Middleland Chan Monastery.

2. A Nationally-recognized Grove of Redwoods

At over 200 trees, it's supposed to be one of the largest collections of redwoods in the world! The Soroptomist Club of Pomona and Claremont help it grow and stay healthy.

3. Actor Edward James Olmos

Who will be at the Pomona Arts Walk tonight. And no, it's not to reprise his role as Montoya Santana. Just stop it!

Edward James will be receiving an award as part of the Don't Sleep Festival at Pomona's Latino Arts Museum.

4. Los Angeles TV news anchor Christine Devine.

Christine will also be receiving an award tonight. This is hardly her first time in Pomona, having written an article earlier this year about the fun she had at Pomona's Art Walk.

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