Thursday, July 03, 2014

Clean Air. In Pomona?

Clean Air Pomona is a group of young people who want to have Pomona parks designated as no smoking zones. Cleaner air in our parks would not only keep Pomona kids healthier, but serve to deter fires during what promises to be an explosive Summer. It would also discourage drug users and sellers from hanging out at our local parks, since the vast majority (approximately 71%) are also cigarette smokers.

The Clean Air Pomona website says it best:

"Currently, 38 other cities in LA County and 16 across the San Gabriel Valley enjoy smoke-free parks. Pomona is a beautiful and vibrant community that should NOT be the exception!"

I can't speak for other parks, but I know in Lincoln Park there are too many times when the cigarette smoke blows from the west part of the park into the playground area. Plus there are tons of butts, put out in the leaves and needles right next to the tree trunks.

Or when someone actually sets up shop smoking on the benches around the playground.

The most popular cigarette package I see left behind at Lincoln park is Swisher Sweets Cigarillos. I figured 80 year old men were the ones smoking them, but recently found out Swishers are extremely popular with teenagers due to their cheap price (two cigarillos for $1.19). So no smoking at the park would also discourage teenage smoking. The pictured package which was at the park yesterday is grape flavored!

If you would like to stay informed about Clean Air Pomona's continued efforts, you can email them from their website.

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