Saturday, June 21, 2014

Over 46 trees cut down on Garey Avenue in Pomona

If you have driven down Garey lately, you might have noticed some construction going on. If you look closer, you would see no fewer than 46 newly chopped down trees (well treestumps and dirt planters now) along the west side of Garey north of Phillips. So there will be no shade along that stretch just in time for summer. Please someone tell me this is part of a Garey Avenue revitalization where other trees will be planted instead? Even if that's the case, couldn't new landscaping have incorporated the old? It's not as if we have an overabundance of trees in Pomona. On Pomona's main drags, we seem to have more signs than trees from what I can tell. My husband has taken to calling Pomona "Sign City." Most of the signs are the temporary kind you stick in the ground to announce an event or product.

The latest sign to pop up around Pomona is the "Our family is praying for Pomona" sign. I was driving through Montclair when I first saw this sign, which made me feel like we're some kind of charity case. But now that I am starting to see them go up in Pomona too, I feel better. I'm still bummed about the treestumps on Garey tho.


Anonymous said...

its terrible, hopefully new trees will take their place but seeing how things in pomona go they'll end up placing steel trees with cameras

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the community ACTUALLY doing something about this. Not only this but the prostitution. Whyvcant we elect officials that will cleanup Pomona. Why aren't there people protesting in front of the city hall. Yea , go and pray for Pomona and let god deal with it right?.....psh