Friday, June 27, 2014

Moving on Up

Pomona has dental offices galore along Garey, but now we've got a dental SPA. Located two blocks east of Garey on Monterey. I wanted to get a better picture of it, but this motorhome is always parked on the street in front. I'm thinking this is the beginning of the trickle down effect of the Monterey Station apartment complex, which is located one block west. I'm talking about the Dental Spa, not the motorhome.

Which has me thinking the deco building directly across from Monterey Station, which has been for sale for as long as I've lived in Pomona, stands a good chance of being bought and made into some type of walk in business. Maybe even a business I might have a reason to walk into myself. All I know is if I had the money, I would have bought that building 10 years ago. With those streamlines, it will look awesome once it's fixed up.

As for Monterey Station, things are definitely coming along. Pictured is the east side of the complex.

By the way, what IS a dental spa?

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fyi per Wikipedia:

A Dental Spa is a dental facility supervised by a licensed Oral Health Care Provider in which dental services are provided alongside spa treatments.

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