Sunday, June 08, 2014

And the Winner of Pomona's Breaking Bad Motorhome Lookalike Contest is...

This beauty is a dead ringer. If you want to see her in person, she is always parked on Towne Avenue around Alvarado.

By popular demand, here's her back side.
And here's Jessie Pinkman's motorhome for comparison.

As a mother of a young child and cyclist, I will never understand the City of Pomona's fascination with motorhomes. They block sight views for cars, bicycles and people alike, most especially children. Pomona's motorhomes often have people sleeping in them, so I tell Mr. Big to always assume they do. And they make even the nicest street look perfectly hillbilly. Heeeeeeehaw!!!

On a serious note, Pomona is in contention to be the backdrop for a new series by the makers of Breaking Bad (who were originally going to film Breaking Bad in Riverside). Perhaps Pomona's illustrious motorhome collection will help us get the gig. Otherwise, you can still catch members of the Pomona Motorhome Collective live and in person on Pomona streets near you.

Now taking nominations for the below pictured Walking Dead motorhome lookalike in Pomona. Could the winner be a motorhome parked on a Pomona street near you?


Anonymous said...

I have reported this RV to city and their response was "they can park there up to three days and if they move from site the count starts again" really? i was sited for having my RV parked over the weekend in front of my house.

There are several Rvs in this town residing here because they know the city will not do anything.

1. Town and Alvarado
2. East Alvarado
3. Monterrey and Palomares
4. Alvarado and Parcels in front of Stater bro.
5. Palomares and Columbia

and the list goes on and on.....

Anonymous said...

Apparently this is not against the law anymore at least in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

San Diego just enacted a law banning overnight RV parking between the house 2 and 6 a.m. no exceptions. So cities can do something about this problem:

Garey Gary

Asim Alvi said...

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