Monday, March 18, 2013

CAUTION: Bicyclists, peacocks and young men dying in Pomona

Late word that yet another Lincoln Park peacock, this one a mother of four, was struck and killed in Lincoln Park this morning at 7:45 at the McKinley and Monroe Streets. I don't even want to tell Mr. Big, because the flock hung out at our place so much last week, well it feels like the death of a friend.

Also I just found out yet another bicyclist has been killed on the bike-pathless-streets of Pomona. This is the second peacock and second bicyclist killed by cars in Pomona this month.

The city has needed to get out a can of paint and do bike paths for, well forever. From what I am told, students from Cal Poly Pomona designed an awesome, citywide bike path for free years ago, submitted it to the City, who pretty much ignored it. Meanwhile, Claremont's groovy bicycle zone signs and paths are everywhere. I know Darryl Grigsy got the Pomona bike path idea rolling again, but he's gone and there are still no bike paths. I's argue that a bike rider who is injured or killed in a City that does not supply bike paths for it's residents would have a decent claim against the City. Pomona needs to save lives and protect the City from future lawsuits by putting in some bike paths.

Maybe David Allen will do a column on the plight of Pomona bicyclists and the Lincoln Park peacocks? David picked up on the Curse of Downers Grove/ Film Pomona story for his Sunday column, perhaps saving a peacock will be the next feather in his newsman cap? Please?

The other thing constantly in the news in recent days is the shootings of young men going on in the area west of Stater Bros. I wish there was an answer to that problem as easy as a bike path or peacock caution sign. Very sad indeed.



Paula Lantz said...

I was so glad to see that G of P is back! I'm now caught up on 2012-2013 postings.
With regards to the recent Bicylist's death, it was a 75 year old man who lost control of his bike riding downhill on one of the streets in Ganesha Hills, without a helmet. No other vehicle was involved.
The Peacocks are another challenge. I will happily pay for the ebay signs, but the problem has other nuances. Our ordinance specifically does not allow them, and defines them as nuisances because of the noise that they make. The same goes for Roosters. You can't own one, but technically, nobody owns our feathery friends. So they've sort of been in limbo. The Humane Society really isn't interested in opening this can of worms when they have so many open ones already. However, at a recent NW Block Captains meeting, reps from the Humane Society were there to answer questions, and low and behold, one of the men complained about the peacocks, and wanted to know why they didn't enforce the law! So now, the Humane Society is in somewhat of an awkward situation. They aren't coming out to round them up at this point, but they have shared their dilemma with me and our City Staff. I got the call yesterday at 7:45 from the Humane Society telling me about the most recent peacock before their folks were even on the scene. We may have to change the ordinance, since I'm assuming the overwhelming number of residents in Lincoln Park would vote to keep them around.
No omment on the Young Men dying, other than to say, for whatever it's worth, these were not random acts of violence...

Columbia Pastacio said...

Love the's such a feather in the neighborhoods cap to have them around (no pun intended). I unfortunately saw the peacock dying in the middle of the road and called animal control that morning....just an awful morning. Wish we could get a few more speed bumps for the neighborhood, no doubt that would go a long way in keep those little guys safe....not to mention the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am fairly new to Pomona. Last Friday 5/17/13 as I walked out my door, here come marching down the block a flock of 5 Peacocks. Amazing view. I never imagined Peacocks in Pomona. Specialy not in walking down my street. I took a couple pictures of them. Nice!

Laura & Val said...

I am so happy to have come across this page!! Thank You Goddess of P-Town for creating it!!! Four Peacocks visited my home yesterday, and my partner and I were thrilled!!! We LOVE having the Peacocks in our community, and agree about the speed bumps. My partner and I are ANIMAL lovers and hate to see when reckless drivers run over the squirrels! I hope this blog continues!!!

Anonymous said...

Easy disband the community service department and guve that money to police department