Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Pomona Courts to Close

Per the LA Times, all Pomona courtrooms will be closing. This can't be good news for local restaurants - tho as a recent prospective juror I saw no outreach to jurors by local businesses. However, certainly the court closures will result in some loss of revenue for the city. Not to mention we will have to travel further for jury duty.

I wonder where Pomona cases will now be heard? We're not alone on this one: 9 other L.A. County cities will lose their courtrooms too, including Beverly Hills. Still, I am surprised Pomona was one of the ones picked.



R.E. Nunez said...

The Pomona Courthouse north, which hears civil cases, would be affected if the plans go through. The south building, which holds criminal hearings, would continue operating in Pomona.

G of P said...

Oh I see they just clarified that. Good. That makes sense. So this is not as bad as it looked, since the criminal will still keep us with plenty of jurors/potential sales tax payers. Thanks Richard.

Anonymous said...
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