Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Searching for Signs of Change in Pomona

Happy Fall: my favorite time of year in Pomona. The weather cools, the leaves change color, the fair comes and goes (tho why they pick the hottest month of the year to showcase our city has always puzzled me), pumpkin patching at Cal Poly, trick or treating in Lincoln Park, the historic home tour, blah blah blah.

The only thing I dislike about Fall in Pomona is the campaign signs all over, most notably in the vacant lots and doubled up in the yards of corner houses. This year is no different, with many signs, containing familiar names and surnames. Which is, of course, a disappointment to those of us hoping for change this election. I guess I'm envious of my fellow Pomonans who are so gung ho about the "same old, same old" as to decorate their yard with the candidate's name for two months straight. Personally, I find a carpet of leaves in my yard so much more inspiring.

The only candidate I can get excited about is John Nolte. Problem is he is not running in my Lincoln Park district, so I can't even vote for him. If you haven't already done so, check out his website which appears at my right side bar. John Nolte is eerily representative of so many of the Pomona parents I know: parents of young children who despite our enthusiasm and ideas about Pomona are given no voice by the current city government and are increasingly fed-up. Parents who take our most valuable resource, our children, outside of Pomona to homeschool or attend neighboring school districts where they are the leaders, artists, athletes, musicians and over-achievers that benefit another city than Pomona. Parents who try our best to shop in Pomona, but are forced to shop in other cities because so many businesses avoid or have fled from Pomona. Parents who know Pomona can do better for the children than the most recent city council decisions that bring more trucks, trash and liquor into the City.

Too bad I am prevented from voting from this worthy candidate of change. And no, I don't personally know Mr. Nolte.

So as I maneuver the mean, sign-filled streets of Pomona, I still find myself looking for that last-minute, grassroots, write-in candidate to believe in. You know the one that's going to wrap their hands around Pomona and make it all better? The candidate that thinks the children running around on Pomona lawns are more important than the campaign signs stuck in them. If you hear about such a person, please let me know. Better yet, make signs, put two of them on the corner houses and in every vacant lot in the city, and we might just have a contender! Otherwise I'm writing in 10 year old Mr. Big, who supports the historic districts, is vehemently opposed to the Regional Trash Transfer Station and won't burden Pomona with a single campaign sign.



Anonymous said...

This is the only plan for change I have found.

If there are others I wish the candidates would put them out there instead of glamour shots with other politicians.

calwatch said...

The Ursua plan does not make financial sense and is in the tradition of politicians making promises they can't keep. The only way the math works out is if you contract out Pomona PD to LASD, which citizens have rejected numerous times.

Dazed and Confused said...

The question is not who to vote for. The question is why there are no worthwhile mayorial candidates on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

PD to LSD has always been rejected by the voters,especially when we see what the County Fire brought in that transition. Like I said, good, bad, crazy, or whatever no one else has enough sense to put together a plan. They all are stating what they support in general but have no clue where to start. If Ursua had been in office these past 8 years and we were in this same situation I would agree to vote him out but, look who's been in office during these past years of mismanagement, the other two candidates. The City needs new direction.

Aimee said...

Thank you for your kind words about my husband! :)-Aimee Nolte