Monday, August 22, 2011

Pomona's Finest

Not sure how many liquor stores have to come and go from the southeast corner of Palomares and Holt before entrepeneurs everywhere realize that corner will no longer support a liquor store or a smoke shop.

The latest venture there was a liquor store catering to the Holt Street crowd that called itself "Pomona's Finest." This always made me laugh (still does since the sign and spiffy red and white paint job remain behind). I always wondered if the business owner meant it to be ironic, or if it just came out that way.

The name worked on several different levels actually, given that Pomona's other Finest (the police) were often out in front of the place questioning people.

Thanks to Daniel Ross for today's photograph of Pomona's Finest. Seems the now deceased business inspired him to write a $75 book entitled Pomona's Finest.



Mark Valenzuela said...

Thanks for the new posts. I remember when that building used to be a restaurant that sold chicken.

Robin said...

remembering Mel Hull:

That building was originally, and for many years, Mel's Hamburgers... Buy the Bagful. Hamburgers were sold from one window, french fries from another, and ice cream from a third. We ate there sometimes in the early 1960s, years before the golden arches came to Pomona.

My family's construction business did work for Mel Hull, including remodeling the hamburger stand and building the coffee shop.

Mel Hull used to own a waffle and pancake restaurant on Garey south of Monterey. When the underpass was built, the restaurant lost road front access. The old abandoned waffle restaurant on Garey was finally torn down when the School of Arts and Enterprise was built.

Mr. Hull built a 'coffee shop' restaurant, Hull House Restaurant on Mission at White (now Mission Family Restaurant). Hull House was a favorite stop for ice cream sundaes after youth group events. Imagine tables full of Camp Fire Girls in the back booths.

Mr. Hull also built a nice sit down restaurant on Holt (x Palomares) across the street from Mel's Hamburgers. I don't recall the name at this moment. The building still exists, and several different restaurants have come and gone at that location.

It make me sad to see the old hamburger stand burdened by it's troubles of the past decade or two. It was always a humble little building, and time has not been kind to it.

Robin said...

Pomona historical trivia:
Garey Ave. x Commercial prior to underpass construction, looking north from the tracks. The original Hull House is seen in this photo. This site is now the School of Arts and Enterprise. Hull House

Here I found a photo of Mel's .

Now it's just a sad, vacant little building. It was never at all fancy, but we liked it back in the 60s and 70s.

mark Bement said...

I played little league in Pomona 1960 for Mel's Fast Snacks... our opponents. would chant Mel's Smells!!!