Friday, December 03, 2010

Pomona Hopes Dashed Again

Just caught the Daily Bulletin article on Chivas USA backing out
of being the grand marshals of our upcoming Pomona Holiday Parade. Poor Mona, once again left at the alter. But this made me remember how much energy and spirit came from Snoop Doggy Dog's football league bus that was in the parade last year. Why just settle for the bus with a 10 foot photo of Snoop on the back. Why not ask Snoop to be the grand marshal? EVen tho he's not from Pomona (and was actually a former Claremonter, double-gated La Vernite and now Diamond Barrian), at least he's local and most importantly, I think he'd actually do it. Other recommendations for grand marshal that are more Pomonish:

Sugar Shane Mosely, boxer from Pomona

Jessica Alba, actress from Pomona

Steve Julian, public radio man from Pomona

Pomona Children's librarian Miss Lois (even tho that means we'd miss her on the blogger's float)

The Hughes Bros., Pomona (before their mom did the moving-to-Claremont-thing) filmmakers gone big budget.

Underdog (probably the most doable if we can find someone with a costume)

But if no one asks any of them, it can never be. Here's hoping for a worthy grand marshal to step up to the plate. Aim high, Pomona. I swear it won't hurt when we fall. We're used to it.



goga said...

Oh yes! Pomona is the new Pasadena (just without lots of rich people). It's totally coming up in the world! :)

Look out world, we got a Christmas Parade with our funky style of floats, we got rockin' second Saturdays, the Fox Theater, fixing up the Mayfair. The other cities can't compete with all the delicious wonderfulness that is Pomona!

Empoprises said...

I vote for the Pomona bloggers to be grand marshals.

Anonymous said...

Oh, goga, I truly hope it's not the new Pasadena!!! I think it continues to be the status quo Pomona. :)

AS for the Ontario Emperor's idea of having the bloggers Grand Marshal: uggh, I think we're all much too low key for that. It would be nice to have a grand marshal however, rather than just throwing our hands in the air and give up.

G of P