Friday, September 18, 2009

I've got mail

You've got mail
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The only mail I seem to get these days is from Verizon, offfering me Fios cable, phone and internet for $79 for 6 months with a one year contract. I keep thinking that they could offer an even better rate if they were not spending so much money on these every other day mailings. I assume that homes all over Pomona are being bombarded with these offers in their mailbox. As if that was not enough, Verizon Fios just installed a billboard at the corner of Garey and Alvarado. Yesterday I was half way tempted to call them up and sign up, wondering if that would stop the mailbox harassment. But then I would be complaining about the El Super grocery store newspaper mailing, which has great prices but does not even bother to include their address.

As for email: the bulk of the email I get is from people who have joined me on Twitter. I have only "tweeted" two times, many months ago, so I assume that on Twitter people like the quiet type. The quiet thing would never fly on a blog. Trust me, I have seen my hits dwindle the longer my fingers remain otherwise occupied. The one very cool thing to come out of Twitter was having Sister Helen Prejean, who I greatly admire, add me as a friend. In that respect, silence is golden. I just wish Verizon would learn that and communicate with me a little less.


Joy said...

I have not looked for your blog in a long while. I am so glad to see you are still blogging. I have re married and am now at the far end of the "IE" in the mountains above Yucaipa.
Hope you and yours are all doing well.
Joy (once was Pifer)

Goddess of Pomona said...

Hello Joy-
Sounds like you are doing well. It's nice to hear from you. Send me email so I have your email(it's on the front page of the blog).

G of P

Garrett Sawyer said...

Omg, what's funny is, where I live...we get those FiOS ad's all the time and the funny part is that when they were rolling out the service and installing the fiber optic feeds they skipped our block because of an HOA or So every block around us is live with FiOS except for ours yet we still get the ad's and cannot even sign up even if we wanted to. lol. We were supposed to be able to subscribe last February in 08' but the issue is still ongoing it seems and they totally forgot about our block. :(