Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anthrax in the Hood

Was there anything about this in the local news? And if so, is there any follow up?

Speaking of criminal activity, I got caught up in the road closure at Towne and Lexington yesterday involving the police shooting. Man were there a lot of cop cars at that intersection. I drive up that street every day around that time and there is never anything going on, so it really was a freak event by an out-of-towner (from Riverside County, of course). I'm talking about the man who was killed by the police yesterday. I noticed today that part of the fencing is down around the empty lot just south of the Catholic Cemetery on Towne, so I am assuming that is where the car (or cars) crashed into. Yet another empty lot with a screwed up fence to look at, and another bad news day. Something we are seeing less and less of at least.

Tonight as I type the sky is wonderfully quiet and free of helicopter activity. If only some of the train conductors were breaking the rules and blowing their whistles as they drive through town, it would be a perfect sounding Pomona night.


John Clifford said...

And what a wonderful day for newly hired Chief Keetle to spend HIS first official day as chief.

Skrip said...

LOL John...

I remember hearing about this while at DBA that night. Didn't something similar to the anthrax thing happen at the Chase Bank on 2nd? Or was it the people from Western being sent over there?