Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Me Thinking...

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As I was driving down Garey to the 60 this morning, I thought about how nice it would be:

- If I had the time to post when I get home about all the things I think about posting while driving down Garey.

-What if The Garden nursery business expanded across the street to surround the Old Firehouse in greenery and life? (And maybe an outdoor cafe.)

-What if the deserted gas station at Garey and Alvarado could become the temporary home of "The Knitting Station" during the rebuilding of the Henry home?

-What if I just concentrated on fixing all the things that are broken at our house, rather than pondering possible fixes for Pomona?

For now, I'm off to sleep, until tomorrow when I will once again drive down Garey while writing posts in my head that I may never get around to posting on here.



Skrip said...

I did the same today as I drove around town looking for a ranch market to try out. Unfortunately, I can't post half the stuff my mind thought about to help Pomona.

btw, I tried out Pomona Ranch Market on Arrow & Garey. Got some basics I was out of.

Goddess of Pomona said...

We paid a utility bill there once, and picked up a very inexpensively priced, very simple (just like we'd been looking for) ceramic water dispenser. btw did you see those huge tanks they have outside for some elaborate water system they sell water from?

perhaps we both need to look into voice recognition software, where we can make posts via dictation while driving? Maybe then, and only then, we could get all our misc. thoughts on Pomona onto a computer screen. I don't know.

Ren said...

Man that`s all we need more people chatting on the phone and not looking at traffic and that`s alot of what ifs goddess.By the way goddess why did you put that picture of a old man on your blog. that suppose to be me a while back you mad at me please tell me why.After all I did for you on your blog pictures and stickers and all.

Goddess of Pomona said...

Of course I would use a handsfree device, since I usually apply my makeup while driving down Garey pondering my next post. :)

Now about that old man, well that wasn't just some old man, that was the legendary photographer Weegie. They say he was the only New York newspaper reporter permitted to carry a portable police-band shortwave radio, had a darkroom in the trunk of his car, and got his nickname (think Ouija board) for his uncanny knack of getting to crime scenes and emergencies and taking the perfect photo. I thought it was a cool reference, and certainly did not mean for it to be mean.

G of P

Snidder said...

I looked around on the pomona police department website and found Webwatch:

It breaks down the criminal activity over the last seven days by type. I think you can sign up for it. Haven't looked at it closely yet but it's something -

snidder said...

oops. wrong post. i meant to leave my comment on your post about the helicopter flying around...