Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Cruises Holt Boulevard

Obama in Pomona
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The first photo is not just another classic caddy with tinted windows cruising down Holt. That's Obama, care of the Daily Bulletin. The second photo is Obama's car about to get on the 10 freeway from Towne. Hey Pomona, we don't look half bad in terms of actual landscaping on the offramp in the background! See why that sort of thing can come in handy.

Obama, however, must have gone by those ugly dirt plots just below the 10 freeway on Towne, which renews my vow to get something planted there this Spring.

Anyone up for making this a project for the upcoming Pomona Beautification Day? If so, post below and I will call the Korean Church who owns the land to see if they are still on board. Otherwise, I'll take on a project I can handle myself,
like the Memorial to the Lone Palm Tree Fire of 2007.

As for Obama, I got a big kick out of the photos on the various blogs and at the Daily Bulletin. Honestly, I was worried last night that the Gas Company guy from Pomona who was shot might upstage the Edison folks, but in the end the kids at Village Academy and on the streets of Pomona, stole the show. How could I ever doubt my people? (And here I thought Norma Torres was sure to ruin the whole thing.) Of course Pomona was not even mentioned on the 10 p.m. KTLA news segment on Obama.

I've been trying to post links, but bloggers not allowing them. Thanks to the Pomona School website for the photo of the group of students with Obama, and Pride of Garfield Park for the photo of the two kids along the parade route. See more great photos from her at



Anduhrew said...

i think we should take on those spots guerilla gardening style!

me said...

I'm game!

G of P

Robin said...

I am VERY pleased President Obama came to Pomona.

The story made the national news report at 6:30 (ABC or NBC) including photos of several vacant buildings along Holt and a mention of 12 percent unemployment. I saw a glimpse of Ms. Torres shaking the President's hand.

SoCal Connected with Val Zavala (PBS) did a long segment about the students at Village Academy, their video, and their visit with the President. Good job, kids!

I wish the Pomona blogs could be connected with a PHP forum where we could hold discussions and share links and photos more easily. Members can edit their posts, and send each other private messages.

I have some succulents I could contribute to street plantings. I also have some Ash trees in gallon containers, but they will grow very large someday and would need to be planted in the right places.

In the 1980s I grew hundreds of trees from locally collected seed and gave away all of them to neighbors or to The TreePeople. I know of a couple of 'my' trees still thriving nearby. They were mostly Coast Live Oak, Cork Oak, Liquidamber, Camphor, Jacaranda, Ginko, and others that I can't recall right now. I will have to propagate more trees, now that I know some Pomona folk who want to plant them!

Do you know if there exists a list of protected trees in Pomona? Do we still have an arborist? REN published an old (80 or 90 years ago) photo last week that includes a Blue Palm still growing in front of Mendoza School. I would like to request that the palm be allowed to mature some seed. The big, dramatic date clusters usually get cut off before they are ready.

Anonymous said...

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eac519 said...

Hey I"m totally down with helping out in the gardening dept!

LizKnits said...

I would be interested in helping out with the plot too.