Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wanted: Pomona's 100th Monkey

Over the weekend, I drove through the intersection of Garey and Alvarado. I am certain that my whole face lit up as I saw what is today's photo: a giant, circular "for lease" sign in front of the old Firehouse Restaurant. My first thought was, "Why didn't anyone email me?" But then I realized the sign must have just gone up, as I drive through that intersection to and from Stater Bros. all the time. During my five years here, there has never been any attempt to rent this abandoned building at an amazingly central corner.

I will now officially channel all my good vibes into the hope that a wonderful neighborhood-oriented business will take lease of this corner. I can imagine so many viable businesses that could open there. I really REALLY hope the space doesn't become a janitorial supply company or a tire shop. Knock on wood...seriously. What do you think will end up going in? And "nothing" doesn't count as an answer. LOL

I'll call the leasing agent this week and let you know what I find out about the particulars, given the excuses we've heard about it sitting vacant so long because there is too much asbestos inside. Isn't that what abatement is for?

The place also has quite a bit of grafitti currently, so if anyone else in addition to me will call it in to the city for removal, perhaps we can get the place cleaned up a bit for prospective renters. As for any guerilla painters or gardeners out there, well now is not the time to be shy.

In the meantime, if everyone who happens to read the blog would join me in thinking good thoughts for both the great hole on 2nd street and the corner of Garey and Alvarado, perhaps we'll finally reach the 100th monkey and create positive change here in Pomona.

Just like old times, senior staff photographer Ren took today's photograph. And me, just another goddess from Pomona, supplied the potatoes. Now start washing.



John Clifford said...

Actually, there has been some activity around the Firehouse over the past week or two. I've gotten reports that city redevelopment staffers have been showing the property and that there is some interest in a restaurant going in there. While the current economic situation is pretty grim, let's hope that there is some entrepreneur out there with vision who will add a dimension to our local cityscape.

Anonymous said...

John, Are you saying the RDA/city owns the building?

Anonymous said...

A police substation would be ideal but I'm betting on a taqueria.

A massage business or smoke shop could be a possibility as well.

John Clifford said...

No, but they've been helping with the marketing. I heard (don't quote me because it's only a RUMOR) the the person who owns it is the same person who owns the property on Gary, in South Pomona, where the Stater Bros. used to be. The person who told me this indicated that he was someone who worked to try and better their property.

I'm just watching to make sure they honor the historic nature of the old firehouse.

Anonymous said...

Two ideas:

1. Shall we organize a beautification day? Three hours and a some donated plants?

2. How about penning a letter to prospective buyers letting them know the community looks forward to supporting a community-oriented business?

rawpomona said...

oh please let it be a vegetarian restaurant!

Anonymous said...

god damn vegetarian restaurant?

it will be out of business in 2 months.