Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pomona City Hall is Broken

Now I know that for some of us who follow the goings-on in Pomona, the assertion that City Hall is broken is not new news. But 5 year old Mr. Big was very worried that the library had "broken" in the earthquake, so we droveby the Pomona Civic Center to see for ourselves that it was still there.

Once we walked up to the quad area, we saw that City Hall was roped off and P.P.D. were guarding the joint.

The library was also cordoned off, with an "inspected" sign on front. Workers were going in and out of the library with long pieces of wood. I spoke with Pat, a Pomona City worker wearing an American flag hard hat. Pat explained that lots of windows in City Hall were broken in the quake, or cracked. He pointed out, for instance, that one of the large window panes over the main entrance had a big crack and would need to be replaced. I couldn't get close enough to even see the crack, as they are not letting anyone near - or inside- the building. Sounds kinda serious.

Here's Pat and his fellow City workers who are charged with putting our City back together. Frankly, I think they have a better chance of doing so then Mayor Norma Torres ever seemed to care to. A big Goddess-of-Pomona "thank you" to local heroes Pat and the guys!

The Press Enterprise blog had this interview with Chief Romero about the earthquake damage at Pomona City Hall.

Elsewhere, things in the City looked pretty normal -- other than the damage to some Second Street structures between Garey and White.

The Vault building on Second, across from the Cal Poly Downtown Center, also had broken window panes and was cordoned off. This building is actually slated to be incorporated into the Artisan project.

A friend who lives near Roosevelt Elementary/Huntington Drive said that her house looked like someone had ramsacked it, with stuff everywhere, so the worst damage in Pomona seemed to be in the area around White between 3rd and the 10 freeway.

Does anyone know the 1880 home the Press Enterprise story reference that suffered broken windows? Is it the Phillips mansion? I'm told that an emergency meeting of the historic society has been called.

All photos in this post taken by Goddess of Pomona, Copyright 2008.



Garrett Sawyer said...
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Garrett Sawyer said...

My first concern was with the the buildings that are being retrofitted and that have construction/remodeling going on. I wonder how much delay this will cause for projects like The Fox.

AP said...

Wasn't City Hall already broken?

Played joke, I know.

- AP