Monday, June 09, 2008

Can't Someone Just Push A Button?

Well we had 8 of us hula hooping on Saturday, including our first person over 50. I heard an interesting tidbit while there, from someone whose family owns a lot of property downtown. Apparently the hold-up with the Pomona Baking Co. opening involves delays on the part of Edison. If anyone has any connection to Edison, can you make a phone call? If someone from the City is reading this, can't the City help the Pomona Baking Co. with whatever the problem is. This is going to be a very popular business, which will spill over onto other business downtown. IF it's ever allowed to open. It makes me wonder how many other businesses have tried to open in Pomona, but been unable to.

One of the other hula hoopers told me that she went by the Pomona Baking Co. and was given a sample of their chocolate bread. It was so delicious that she has been banging on their windows every day since to check if they are open yet. Glad to know Richard and I are not the only ones stalking them! Unbeknownest to me until the other day, my husband has been going by too.

Today's photo were sent to me by Richard. The black and white photo is from the Pomona Library's digital collection. It's of a directory that used to be downtown where you push the button of your destination and the location lights up on the map. If only it could be so easy for the Pomona Baking Co.



Anonymous said...

I can tell you trying to open Starbucks in Pomona last year was hell on earth- the city and edison had so many problems we opened many months late....

Garrett Sawyer said...

Things take forever to open in Pomona, Sakura Ichi opened waaay later than they were supposed to (supposed to open around my birthday but ended up opening later), as have many other places.

I love that directory thing, you beat me to using it. DARN! The city should bring something like that back. Maybe not as fancy but at least like business directory kiosk things like a mall has that say "You are here" or

Tad Decker said...

Notice: The Pomona Baking Co is officially open as of today! (Aug 4).