Monday, May 26, 2008

Saluting Pomona's War Dead

According to the Times, Pomona has had three of our residents die in the war, all in 2005. I am glad to hear it is only three, but obviously even three is three too many. Pictured is Sgt. Shakere T. Guy, 23 years young. He died in 2005 and was engaged at the time. He is described as a soldier's soldier and a charitable person, who bought toys and supplies for Iraqi children with his own money. Definitely a Pomona person!

The two others who perished are Sergio Gudino, 22 year old married father of one, and Cesar O. Baez, 37 year old father of four. Cesar grew up in Pomona, with a backyard they called the "jungle" because of all the banana and guava trees. Ceasar and Shakere's obituaries can be read at the Los Angeles Times link above.



Anonymous said...

I miss Sergio Gudino. I've went to school with him since we were 5. And every Xmas I know think of it as the day my friend died for no reason.

me said...

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. It is worth noting that the families of the two others did not want them to go back. Sergio was so, so young.

G of P