Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Top of Ponoma, the Reprise

Next week will be the two year anniversary of my writing this blog. To celebrate - and give myself a well-earned break- I'll be republishing some of my favorite older posts. This one first appeared in June of 2006:

My five year old son Mr. Big doesn't call it Pomona, he says Ponoma. I quizzed his best friend Madison yesterday and she says Ponoma too. This must be a common mispronunciation on the part of Pomona toddlers, since both Madison and Mr. Big say the classic "ppssghetti" as well. If Big got lost and told someone he was from Ponoma, would they ship him up north to wine-country Sonoma?

Mr. Big often refers to Claremont as "a Place called Claremont," which cracks me up. It reminds me of those pretentious names developers give housing tracts, or better yet trailer home parks, like "The Hills at Crest Ridge" or "The Place at Claremont." Mr. Big doesn't spell yet, but I bet if he did, he would put an "e" at the end of Claremont too, in the spirit of "shoppe" as opposed to just "shop." When I asked him why he likes Claremont so much, he told me, "Because I like to give it big slobbery kisses." Ahh, the next generation of Pomona-challenged.

I've been waiting for the right post to use this photo of Pomona's very own Donahoo's. I suppose this post is as good as any, seeing as I couldn't find any photos of trailer home parks with unfittingly swanky names.

Here's a list of Pomona's 12 trailer home parks, which I lifted from Web

1. Valley Center (boring)
1111 Price Ave

2. Foothill Village Mobile Home Park (pretty basic)
301 E Foothill Blvd

3. Foothill Mobile Park (an alternative for folks who either don't want to live in, or have been kicked out of, the homey village above), 402 Foothill

4. Crest Mobile Manor (there's the swank factor)
3727 Equation Rd

5. Pomona Islander Mobile Home Park (tropical living at it's finest)
3667 Valley Blvd

6. Westland Estates Mobile Home Park (bigtime swank)
1401 W 9th St

7. Thunderbird Mobile Home Park (I like it)
1761 E Mission Blvd

8. Hi Fi Mobile Home Plaza (I'm thinking this one must be noisy)
1010 W Holt Ave

9. Western Mobile Gardens (tres boring)
1737 W Holt Ave

10. Park Vista Estates of Pomona (wow)
1601 S Garey Ave

11. Las Brisas Estate (sounds downright glamorous, and on Holt no less)
1054 W Holt Ave

12. Big's Mobile Home Park Inc (my personal favorite, plus it's incorporated)
1461 W Mission Blvd


Garrett Sawyer said...

All the fine people in the trailour parque shoppe at Targ├ęt..

Anonymous said...


I know this is totally of the subject of the post but do you know you have been linked on's main page. I also read about you on the David Allen blog and the recent Pomona Heritage newsletter. You are definitely getting around lately...Happy 2nd Anniversary. Glad to have you in the neighborhood!


David Allen said...

Only losers republish old work. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to post another "Pomona A to Z" piece from 2004...

Seriously, you write a good blog and you deserve kudos for sticking with it so long, not to mention for posting so consistently. Happy anniversary!

me said...

G-I got news for you, most everyone shops at Tar-jay.

M-I'm going to make a post about the metropomona linkage. I was just over there now, and wow, you're right, the GofP banners are flying all over the place!! Connecting different interests around Pomona thru the internet can only be a good thing!!

D - thanks for the kind words and the tips about the writing. ;)


Garrett Sawyer said...

I know, I was being ironic. If we shop at Target, what makes us different? Besides the fact our homes don't have metal or plastic siding...heh. lol. I don't think I'm much different from the trailor park dwellers. I have a bigger outdoor area, a little more indoor square footage, a garage and not a car port, my house sits on a foundation close to the ground...I don't have multiple steps leading to my porch, I can't disassemble my house with a screwdriver (lol), My house is made cheaply out of concrete...I think I'm just a different kind of poor. lol. I'd like to think people living in mobile homes (like double wides and tripple wides) are no different from home owners. I think the real poor people live in those huge three story appartment buildings (on or near so. Garey), those places are yucky. It's so sad that people live in those conditions that its not as usual to be the subject of a joke like a trailor park is.