Monday, May 12, 2008

Just Checking In

Thanks to everyone who helped clean up our Goddess-like city on Saturday. I'm working on a post with regard to Clean Up Day, which will likely include footage on youtube. Here's what the Daily Bulletin wrote about Clean Up Day.

Today's photo is from the library's digital collection. The restoration of the city's Goddess of Pomona statue a few years back was the closest she's ever come to getting a spa treatment. Which is what I need after spending Saturday picking up trash on Garey and helping to break ground on a community garden at Lincoln Elementary. Stay tuned.

Pomona's new Vietnamese resturant, Pho Vi, opened downtown (3rd and Thomas) on Saturday at noon. Thank you to staff photographer Richard for the scoop, and for the above photograph of a happy couple enjoying one of the first meals there. If anyone reading this has eaten there yet, feel free to email me a review of the place to publish on the blog.

Also looking increasingly good is the Pomona Baking Co. space at Second and Locust, set to open within weeks. They've now got the outside seating area in. Thanks again to Richard for the photo.

Here's the former Pomona Bakery. Located on Third Street, west of Garey. Note the birdcage. Compliments of Richard via the Pomona Digital Collection.

All for now.

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