Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot and Firey in Pomona

So I'm confused, they say the fire is in Phillips Ranch, but when I was just on Holt, looking down San Antonio, it looks like the smoke is coming from Chino Hills (specifically from behind the hill of homes above Peyton and Towne).

Here's a photograph Richard took at 3:30 p.m. from GArey/Mission/Locust. I'm gonna go turn on the tube.

P.S. the Daily Bulletin is reporting at 5:19 p.m. that a new fire has broken out along Carbon Canyon.



John Clifford said...

I believe that there was a second smaller fire in Chino Hills later in the afternoon. The Pomona fire was in the hills above the Westmont area into Phillips Ranch and was pretty much over by 3:00 pm.

Garrett Sawyer said...

Chino Hills is to the left of that smoke in the picture because Phillips ranch is just a few blocks past the Palm Lake golf coarse and I live near there, my house is in the direction of that photo. The fire was in Phillips Ranch, My brother and sister both work for Rescare (a chain of care homes) and one of the homes is on Sundance in Phillips Ranch just a ways away from the fire area. My sister and her CO-worker were at the LaVerne house when they saw on the news and they called the Phillips Ranch house where my brother works (he wasn't at work during the fire) to see if everything was ok and they said yeah, but it was confirmed to be very close.

I don't know anything about any Chino Hills fire, there could of been, I remember there being one once when I went to Diamond was on the side of the freeway and you could see it from the school. So I guess it's common in Chino Hills...

Kate Thornton said...

The hill above my house in Westmont was on fire - I could see the flames take the whole left side of our beautiful hill. I could hear the trees and shrubs burning. The fire trucks parked a block up from us and the neighbors were all calling each other to see if anyone needed help in case of evacuations. The Animal Shelter folks had a truck standing by on the street behind us.

It was a pretty scary morning - my husband came home from work at noon from Cal Poly and stayed home until we were sure the fire wasn't going to get much closer. All night I could see the glowing hot spots. Our little spa was covered in ashes and we brought the pets indoors. Even now - days later - I can smell the smoke in the air.

Although the hill is in Phillips Ranch, homes in both Phillips Ranch and Pomona were in danger.