Friday, April 18, 2008

Open Space Friday - #3

This is the third post in my Friday series about Ted Pugh, the "Pomona poet."

I owe special thanks to Ted's friend and publisher, Cedric Rogers. Not only has Cedric given me his time, he sent me these gorgeous photos of Peter the Peacock, taken in March 2005, the last year of Peter's stay here in Lincoln Park, Pomona. The peacock photographs are copyright 2005, Cedric Rogers.

These photographs make me realize how much I miss having this stunning bird in the neighborhood.

Today is Peter's day on the blog.

To shine.

The citrus label above is from the Pomona Library's digital collection. I've included the label with this post since a castle, a peacock, trees and the citrus industry were all part of Ted's life experience here in Pomona.



Garrett Sawyer said...
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Anonymous said...

This reminded me of the wild peacocks that used to live in Ganesha Park, up in the hills. When we were kids (back in the late 50's) we would see them occasionally during one of our hiking exploits at that wonderful park.
Steve F.

Anonymous said...

do peacocks respond to their name?

Observant in Ontario

Anonymous said...

and why was this peacock named peter?

Observant in Ontario

Anduhrew said...

did a little research apparently peacocks are VERY noisy and would make neighbors complain. don't know if they have to capability to respond to recognizable human sounds

Garrett Sawyer said...

Yeah, they make a sound that sounds like "HELLLPP!!!" lol.

Ms. Lois said...

Wow, Goddess! You are quoted on the David Allen blog. I'm impressed!

me said...

I don't know why the peacock was named Peter. Yet. I was told by Cedric that the peacock did not respond to it's name. Though lines in some of Ted's poetry might lead you to believe differently. But more on that some Friday...

G of P