Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nominations for 10 Below

People seem to like "Pride in Garfield Park's" idea for "10 Below the 10." Please post any nominations you may have, and she will add them to the survey. Some folks have nominated places that are above the 10 freeway, but I suppose the survey voting will flush out whether the list should be limited to places below the 10 or not. I'd only point out that including things above the 10 might imply that there aren't enough things below the 10 (which is hardly the case).

Additionally, Pride recommended a contest for a "10 Below the 10" design, possibly printed on flyers and T-shirts along with the list. Today's post shows two of Richard's entries for inspiration.



Anduhrew said...

my vote is for the Regen Co-op houses. p.s. did anyone go to the city council meeting on monday? i heard they were to discuss Coates

Anonymous said...

I vote Tony's French Dips at 986 E. 2nd Street. Great food, good service, and has been in the community for at least 40 years if not more.

John Clifford said...

Discussion of Coates was in closed session, presumably because it was about ongoing negotiations (those, along with "personnel issues" can be discussed in closed session). The report from the city attorney was that there was no decision made and no action, so no report.