Thursday, April 17, 2008

Events this Weekend Below the 10

Saturday will be the first meeting of the Pomona Hooping Club. A friend of the goddess will be running the show at Lincoln Park starting at 10 a.m. Bring your hips and a hula hoop. Some funkily decorated hoops will be available for sale if you find yourself alone and hoopless. Don't worry if your hips don't know how to move, this is a class. It will be by donation.

Turns out that hula hooping is the latest yoga-like craze. Why there's even such a thing as yoga hula. I'm told by my friend that concert goers started bringing hoops to L.A. shows, and from there the hip action spread. Who knew that Pomona would be the first inland city to get on board. I can not promise you yogic enlightenment through hula hooping, but my friend has lost 15 pounds in two months just by adding the hoop to her lifestyle. This event is geared for adults, but children four and over are welcome. If you think it's not your thing, well look at this guy. Hardest I laughed all day!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will be the Ohlone Pow Wow at 240 E. First Street between Garey and Gibbs. Click the photo for more info.

Friday and SAturday nights, Angelo's Pizza at Garey and Second Street (on the east side of the street) presents karaoke and live music, respectively. Karaokes not my thing, but perhaps it's yours.

And if you are just insistent on traveling north of the 10, this Saturday and Sunday, the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens will start their Spring Garden Walks. Cost is $4 a person or $8 a family. Walks are from 2 to 3 p.m. on SAturday and 2 to 4 p.m. on the hour on Sunday. They will continue until May 18, 2008. Be sure to check out the poppy maze.



Anonymous said...

...I hope this counts, as it is below the 10...not too far!

The Green Scene at the University of Fullerton Aboretum in Fullerton. Sat. & Sun. An annual celebration of everything in the garden! Lots of plants for sale and plant people everywhere. All of the area garden clubs participate too. They even have fun events for the kiddies. And the arboretum is beautiful this time of year. Check out their website for more info!

Garrett Sawyer said...

That hula hooping thing sounds fun. I'd feel corny doing that but at least It might get some laughs out of me.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I just returned from the hula hooping event. It was a blast (and a great workout). Groovy music, great company, lovely morning. It sounds like the teacher plans to host more hooping next Saturday at 10 AM in Lincoln Park. Spread the word!

me said...

Yep, I think I have hula hoop fever now -- I've had the urge to continue hooping all day. Is this normal? Of course, I restrained myself as I was in the company of a crowd for two different events. But now that I'm home...I think I'll hoop again after dinner. You're right, the incense, the music, the conversation, it was a wonderful morning. Thanks to K who was a great teacher.

G of P

Garrett Sawyer said...

How much were the hoops? I was hoping there would be a class next weekend because I had things to do today. ugh...