Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Murals and Devastation down on Second Street

Here's an article about the Latina goddess mural down on Second and Thomas Streets. It's one of today's photos, thanks to Raine Walker. The mural narrowly escaped being part of the Second Street devastation, by about 25 feet or so.

Today's other photo is the gaping hole left behind by the now-complete leveling of the north side of the 200 block of W. Second Street. Ugggh, reminds me of dental surgery. Thanks to Richard for documenting this very sad chapter in the Pomona decision making process. I am trying my best to be on board with this new project, but I can't ignore this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Is anyone keeping a running tally of all the small businesses put out on the street by either the City of Pomona or the school district? Given that our only health club and only movie theater were among them, I'm thinking the overall list might be quite long.



Anonymous said...

Its too bad that the old buildings are not nicely restored due to the history behind them. But I guess if your spending alot of money, its more important to build a 4-5 story apartment building or some high rise to make you money??? Sad and hey who cares what it looks like! RAA

Anonymous said...

Yep...Pomona has another vacant lot to drive by and scratch our heads and wonder why ...
Just got through reading about the plans for the property...a "delay" ... more likely an abandonment. What a waste! And the dreamers at city hall just keep dreaming ... wake up! Stop creating nightmare after nightmare in my city!

Anonymous said...

They will finally be finishing the Goddess of Pomona mural. There will be a party in October. News will be posted here http://www.kevinstewartmagee.com He's one of the people who designed and painted the mural.