Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just Another Goddess of Pomona Expert

In today's Daily Bulletin, our friend David Allen interviews a Goddess of Pomona expert. Leave it to David to fine one! But perhaps he isn't much of an expert, because he claims Pomona is only a "sixth rate deity." I beg to differ.

The column mentions places where the Goddess of Pomona can be found: the Plaza Hotel in New York (hmmm that ones sounds familiar), the Louvre, Kansas City and Bangkok. I'd like to track down photos of all the various interpretations, but I wonder how far Richard E. Nunez is willing to travel? Luckily, Richard only had to go to the 200 block of 9th Street for the Goddess of Pomona pictured here. I'll bet David's Goddess of Pomona expert didn't even know about this one.

Jennifer over at the newly sited Route 66 Voice real estate blog also blogged about David's article, but paired it with a more rubinesque rendition of the Goddess.

THE ENDAnd here is the rest of it.

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