Monday, March 24, 2008

Branch out with your fingers

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If you want Watt to make good on their promise of building parks on the vacant lots on Second Street, please take the time to write Watt, the council people, the city manager and, what the heck, the mayor, to demand a park be put there as soon as possible.

Here's the addresses for you to paste. Keep in mind that sometimes city emails get sent back because of the City's dysfunctional email system, so if that happens, try, try again.

Howard Press, President of Watt Companies

Reyna Hernandez, P.R. person at Watt Companies

Pomona City Council:


City Manager:

Okay, now I need to motivate myself to do it. If you do it, I will too.



Anduhrew said...

Why not add "have cal poly pomona's landscape architecture department design and draw plans for the park, all of the faculty are licensed landscape architects."

me said...

Excellent idea!

G of P

me said...
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Reyna Hernandez said...

Hello Goddess of Pomona and Community Members,

I would like to respond to the rumors that the vacant lots on the North side of 2nd Street to be known as “The Artisan” project is to be turned into park space in the interim while the project is being built is false. Watt has never promised to the City of Pomona that a park was ever going to be built. This is just another example of the rumors that are circulating throughout the city regarding our project. I mentioned in a previous post that the completion time is between 4 to 5 years for the Artisan to be built but not at any given time have their been discussions with Watt and any City Officials that park space was to be built in the interim. Your great Mayor of Pomona Mayor Torres alluded in her speech at the State of the City Address that this project is a huge positive step in the right direction to help Pomona progress. Let’s all keep positive!!!

John Clifford said...

OK, I seem to remember, if not a park specifically, that there was a PROMISE that we wouldn't be looking at a vacant lot for 4-5 years. I believe that there was an implication that there would be landscaping or some other non-parking lot visual enhancement.

So what ARE we going to have for 4-5 years? A vacant lot with a chain link fence? Oh, I'm sorry, we should at least get one of the city sponsored picket fences . . . right?

me said...


Thank you very much for coming on the blog and addressing this issue. If we put aside the issue of whether or not there was a company-wide promise, do you not agree that a park or art space of some kind would be a better alternative to an empty lot down there now that we know it will sit empty for the next few years before construction begins?

A park would serve to encourage surrounding business growth in the area, which in turn would result in higher condo sales or greater demand for rentals of the Artisan once the units become available. A park would be a win-win situation. Not to mention the good will it would build towards your company for giving back to the community. Surely we can work out some compromise here.

Please let us know your company's thoughts on this,

G of P