Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What goes around comes around

la brea bakery
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I had an unusually pleasant visit to the Pomona Stater Bros. this morning. Imagine my surprise to see the usually empty La Brea bread basket full of not one, but *three* types of La Brea bread. (Perhaps there's really something to the great Pomona revitalization!) I went out of my way to tell Manager Scott Smerek that I appreciated the baguette presence in the store, since I'm usually the one complaining to him about their absence.

From there, I remembered that I had a bunch of change in my purse, so I stood in line with three other people waiting to use the Coinstar machine. Since I was in a LaBrea bakery-induced euphoria, I left about four pennies in the Coinstar before cashing out. I told the woman behind me that she was welcome to have my four pennies (wow, am I giving). Then I stood in line behind two guys buying their morning candy and beer. When it was finally my turn to check out, I was really not all that suprised to find four pennies waiting there for me in the Stater Bros. change holder.

Karma: it's alive and well at Staters in POmona.


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