Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Search for the Pomona Secret Garden

Thanks to the Foothill Cities blog for alerting me to the L.A. Times article about Pomona's secret garden, and the men who planted it.

I am wondering where the secret garden is? Anyone know where the Mermaid House is located? I've put a message into Dawn at the Garden about it, as John Clifford did not know. EVen David Allen was stumped enough to ask me.

I logged on the Greenlee Nursery website for their Chino nursery and found this picture of the man himself, John Greenlee(today's blog photo). I have sent email to John Greenlee, asking him some questions and inviting him to visit the blog.

Their website is worth a glance. It acknowledges John's free spirited ways: "You are welcome to visit the nursery at any time...but there is no guarantee that anyone will be in the office to assist you for purchases."

John's clients include Tim Curry, Eric Clapton, as well as David Duchovny and his lovely wife Tea Leoni. He also "did" the grass for Jurassic Park II. He is the author of the Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses. And he shares my view on herbicides and pesticides. Wonder if he can share any ideas with us for community gardens. Mostly, I'm wondering if we can convince him to stay.



me said...

Update: Mr. Big and I found the secret garden. It wasn't exactly where I thought it would be, but was unmistakeable once we found it.

We also happened to run into Carlos, assistant to John Greenlee. I'll be posting more about that conversation, as well as my photos, in another post.

Anonymous said...

It was on tour as part of the home tour several years ago.
A beautiful place to visit.

Anonymous said...

So where exactly is this garden?

Dawn said...

I have sent you an Email befor I was aware of this site. I left the address and the info I received from John as to visiting the site.

MediaMentions said...
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Mitch said...

Also interested in the remains of the Mermaid House -- any location info or new owners names would be greatly appreciated --

Landscape photographer, Mitch Maher