Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goddess of Pomona Will Be Moving

Packed and ready
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My bags are packed as I wait in anticipation for the big switcheroo. One day soon, when I get the guts to push the final button, I will be moving from my bulky blogspot address to simply

Of course, everyone is invited to the housewarming. I just can't tell you when it will be. This blog should refer you directly to the new domain once it happens.

I'm also going to change operating systems. Blogger, the current system, has some limitations in terms of content. I will be swtiching to wordpress, which will result in a brand new look: think burnt orange.

I'm not sure if the move will happen in two steps or If all the changes will happen at once. I'm shooting for the latter. I should not lose any of the old posts, or any readers, but I'll only know for sure once I pull the switch. Cross your fingers for the blog.



linknpark said...

Goddess, I am actually a graphic designer for the NHRA and would be more than happy to donate time to produce custom graphics that you may need for the new blog. I was also considering creating a Lincoln Park promotional site that features neighborhood information and cool pictures. Let me know what you think.

me said...

I think the promo site is a great idea. I get so many hits to the site for the google search "lincoln park pomona."

and as for the custom graphics, I will absolutely take you up on it. Will you email me privately so I have your email to get in contact with you directly.

G of P

Ms. Lois said...

You scared me!! When I saw the suitcases and the word "moving" I thought "No!! I have to watch Mr. Big grow up! Moving your blog is OK.