Saturday, January 05, 2008

here's a good mystery...

This photo is also from the Early Pomona book by Mickey Gallivan and the Historical Society of Pomona Valley. When I first saw this photo, I was convinced I knew exactly where it was taken at Lincoln Park. But when I took the book with me to the park, I saw the lines of the 1940's house that I thought it was, were actually quite different. Our friends live there, and assured me that the house was never altered in front. She also pointed out that there was a spanish structure next door in the photo, which I had not even noticed, and which is not next to her house. There is a 1940's house next to a large Spanish home on the east side of the park, but the photo also does not match. I'm puzzled.

So, does anyone think they know where this is? Keep in mind that the photo could be flipped. Winner gets to write a guest post or pick a subject for me to write a post about.

btw, the poster who won the area name contest and came up with the name Clover Dumps never came forward to retrieve their prize. Perhaps I need to come up with some better prizes! Maybe minature goddess of pomona statues? I saw some minature goddess of pomona statues on the bookshelf of the library director yesterday when I walked by his office from outside. He had 3 or 4 of them. And all I had was yet another library fine to pay. Such is the life of this goddess of pomona. THE END


Back in the 909 said...

The answer is...............the west side of Garfield Park. Ironically, the location is only 25 yards or so from the Goddess of Pomona statue.

We should acknowledge the efforts of, police websearch map and for their online digital images. Amazing what you can do today without ever leaving the house!!

me said...

I'll check it out, but I had become convinced that the photo was misidentified as being in Lincoln Park when it was not. No offense intended to the author of the book, like I said, when I saw the photo I thought I knew exactly where it was at Lincoln Park.

I love zillow, especially the price it has for my house on there! I have a tougher time using the police websearch.

YOu just may be the winner, bit909.

G of P

calwatch said...

I thought so too (the north side of the park), but the trees are a little bit too close to the street there.

Ed said...


Fun little exercise. Any others to track down? Maybe a "Pomona history buff" could offer up an occasional location? And congrats to bit909! With the path and date palm missing, identifying the houses was quite an accomplishment.

I had never ventured to Garfield Park before this mystery. The statue is a must-see, and the plaque commemorating the fallen soldiers highlights the true character of Pomona residents. Perhaps when the new sword is placed on the statue we should consider adding the names of more recent fallen soldiers. I could see it being part of a Memorial Day celebration or part of Pomona's 120th or 125th birthday celebration.

Thanks again for the hunt. Now I'm anxious for another.

me said...

Bravo, just went down there and "back in the 909" is, amazingly, right. This warrants a new post, so look for it above.

Okay, Ed, I'll see what I can do since I think you are one of the few readers who might take me up on the offer to do a guest post.

G of P