Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why is it

Trash day
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Why is it always when you have eight dead mice in your trash can that the City "accidentally" forgets to pick up your trash on trash day?


John Clifford said...

It always happens like that. It also happens if you have something really stinky in the garbage (sour milk, rotten fruit) that you were happy to be getting rid of.

Better luck next week.

Ed said...

Better eight dead than eight alive!!

Call them up or email. Let us know whether you get a response.

me said...

The City passed the response test this time, Ed. I called the Pomona refuse dept. up this morning, and the customer service agent was most apologetic about the oversight. She said they will send another truck out tomorrow morning. This has happened before, and they always do send another truck out.

G of P

ms said...

Handy hint! Nocturnal animals who rely on their sense of smell can be kept at bay with moth balls. My grandmother used them to keep mice and squirrels from nesting in her attic, and I have used them to keep possum and other vermin out of the basement. Also once got a family of raccoons out from underneath a mobile home with them.

Good Luck with the Mice War!

me said...

Thanks for the mothball tip, ms. We still have not seen a mouse inside or out in days.

Wanted to report that my bin was picked up by the City this morning, as promised! Way to go Pomona City Refuse Dept.!! You rock!
G of P