Thursday, December 20, 2007

And this one wasn't even on wheels - WITH AN UPDATE

About six months ago, the pictured Accupuncture and Massage studio opened at the corner of Garey and Lincoln. That's where I usually turn into the area to go home, so I couldn't help but notice the errr interesting hours they kept at 1290 N. Garey Blvd. Now I'm not out on the town at night too much because of Mr. Big, but it seemed that every time I do come home late, such as 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving night, that the Accupuncture and Massage studio had an "open" sign on the door and the lights were on inside and on the porch. I had actually started to write this post a couple of weeks ago, but I was worried about possibly badmouthing a new Pomona business. Plus I know too well the wonders of accupuncture, so I really did want to be a believer.

Well a few days ago, I read in the Daily Bulletin that there were arrests for suspected prostitution at a few area massage parlors, including 1290 N. Garey. But as of yesterday, 1290 N. Garey still had the "open" sign on the door and the lights on. Now today when I took todays' photo, the porch light is off and the open sign is down. Although it's worth noting that the friendly, large red bow is still on the door.

I have called the posted number for the massage studio, but just get their answering machine: a young woman of perhaps Thai descent that announces that they charge fifty dollars for accupuncture and "thirty, forty dollars" for massage (just in case you were wondering how much these things go for these days -- althought it sounds like they're somewhat flexible). Update: I've just talked to Dr. Lu at the posted phone number. Dr. Lu told me that he is the owner and accupuncturist at the business. He assures me that there has never been anyone arrested there. He said that he only has two employees, both females. He said that news of the arrests were also in a Chinese daily newspaper, and that he has already gone down to the police station yesterday morning and the police confirmed there was no arrest at his business. He told me that he will be in contact with the DAily Bulletin for them to do a retraction, and is contacting his attorney either way. (Looks like he'll need to get in line behind Mayor Torres at the DB Complaint window tomorrow.)

I've written emails to the neighborhood watch captains and the Chief, and will do one now to Paula Lantz, asking them to get more information about this matter. Any response I get will be the subject of a future post.



Mark said...

One wonders if the city will have to aquire this building and tear it down leaving just a dirt field like just across the street.
Well, to be fair they actually moved the buildings a few miles and then demolished them. Talk about cost effective!
On the subject at hand it is sad that a business like that can opperate so close to a school and in one of the better neighborhoods in Pomona.
Maybe the Mayor will run for re-election using massage parlors as her "issue" to get elected just like the scary halfway houses she used last time.

Pomona Joe said...

Regarding those half-way houses, am I correct in assuming nothing was done?
Part of the reason I ask is that a house on my street apparently becoming a group home for mentally ill adults. Acknowledging that this isn't the same as a halfway house, I nonetheless can report that the neighbors are concerned. Initially, the "pastor" who bought it, told us it was going to be a church, but now he told someone it will be a group home where he can "get $2K a head." Oh dear..........

Ed said...

Since we're talking crime and have Daily Bulletin readers, I want to point out the Thursday murder in Ontario and ask whether anyone thinks the DB will run a summary of Ontario's 2007 homicides. Or is this special treat only reserved for Pomona?

me said...

I don't know the answer to that question, Joe. Does anyone out there know what was done about the halfway houses? And if nothing, then the issue needs to be raised again. And again.

I hear you on the group home, joe. While I hate nimbyism, communities like POmona have to stand up and say enough is enough, or we would be home to all the things the surrounding communities don't want to deal with. Plus, is sounds like it's another person with the attitude of "It's only Pomona and I'll do what I want to line my pocket." I went through a process in L.A. where they wanted to put a group home in our area. As I recall, there were limits on how many could be in a certain geographic part of L.A. It was shameful that as it turned out, most of the people living there were the sons and daughters of people who lived in wealthy areas of town (ours was, of course, a somewhat marginal area with lots of auto body shops).

AS for "year in review" crime stats -- Ed, why don't you write a letter to the DB editor about that.

In other news, there was yet ANOTHER rape in Claremont.

G of P

Ed said...

Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an older post, but did Paula Lantz EVER respond to this? Does she EVER respond to anything?
-Lincoln Park Neighbor

P.S. Anyone notice lately the prostitutes meeting their johns in the neighborhood?