Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some December Announcements

Sorry the blog has been so silent, but I have been lending my opinion and efforts to elsewhere than the blog. As we are coming up on a big weekend here in Pomona, I can't wait one more day to post.

Saturday, December 1 will be the annual Holiday Lane Parade down Holt. They start lining up near the 99 cents store and east from there. I assume they will do it the same this year. It's generally more pleasant to stand on the 99 cent store side of the street if it's a sunny day. The parade runs from 10 a.m. to noon. In between the Pomona Day Laborers and Victory Outreach floats will be bands from high schools I've never heard of and this year's grand marshall will be David Allen of Daily Bulletin fame. (David Allen is not to be confused with Allen David of Inland Empire Weekly fame. But that's another post, unless David beats me to the punch...)

Later on Saturday is the Holiday Lane Festival over on Huntington Drive, between Holt and McKinley. Plenty of games, rides and activities for the kids. This is a very well populated event and one we have always had fun at, tho I've never seen anyone else from Lincoln Park there. I believe this was the last place I ever saw the late Mayor Cortez. What a great guy he was!

NEXT Friday, Saturday and Sunday is Pomona Garage Sale Weekend. I don't have much to offer since I've recently started selling on ebay, but I'll be out there trying to sell some odds and ends on Saturday.

Yes, Big and I will be continuing our tradition of attending the parade. I really urge anyone who has not gone to go. It is very....well Pomona. Look for us somewheres around the 99 cent store. From there, we will get a rare public look at the local politicos, as they dare to come out from behind their six-foot-front-yard fences (yes, another post about a certain political figure in town).

Oh, and Saturday, December 1 will also be the annual progressive dinner for Pomona Heritage. Click the link on the side bar for more details, or ask it here and maybe John Clifford will be by. THE END


Ed said...

Thanks for the calendar info. I've never made it to the Holiday Lane or parade. Too many soccer games for the parade, but should make the Holiday Lane.

The Tree Lighting is coming up too. Anyone know why the city doesn't dress up downtown as it's pictured in the historic photos?

Anonymous said...

Garage sale weekend is actually the weekend of the 7-8-9 since Friday is still in November. For verification you can see the city e-newsletter.

me said...

I hope you are right, since it's looking like this one is getting rained out.

Anonymous said...

Ooops! You forgot to give mention to the annual Progressive Christmas Dinner put on by Pomona Heritage on December 1!

Happy Holidays!

me said...

You know, I'm going to modify the post, because I'm really blowing it here!

John Clifford said...

Unfortunately I've been so busy reading blogs I haven't updated the web site in a while.

Yes, progressive dinner is Saturday. It's open to members and guests and hopefully all of them have received an invitation and newsletter with all the pertinent info. Forgot to RSVP? Don't worry too much. We mostly want to make sure we have enough turkey, hame, potatoes, and beverages so no one goes away hungry. Just show up with your contribution and have fun.

A side note: I've had to take down the "RESOURCES" bulletin board that we had up on our site. It seems that someone hacked into it and the Landscaping section at over 100 entries with a lot of inappropriate links. Hopefully I'll get a replacement up soon. Perhaps even a blog (Oh, dear lord, I'm not going to become one of "them," am I?

Hope to see everyone on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, during the parade and most of Holiday Lane I'll be locked in the Ebell kitchen with turkey birds and potatoes.

David Allen said...

Didn't see you and Big at the parade, Goddess. Well, not that I'd recognize you. But I did look hopefully toward the 99 Cents Store.

As for Allen David, I await that post with interest!