Friday, November 09, 2007

Seen in Pomona Yesterday:

A group of scheming white people on the 100 block of Second Street. While I was down there to see if anything has been going on with the Great Wall, I spotted a group of white people coming out of an unmarked white van, with yet more white people coming out of newer model economy cars. They were all somewhat lustfully looking at the space above the art gallery/framing store. They were so lost in thought and planning that none of them saw me snap this photo.

I am becoming more interested in keeping abreast of what IS going on down on SEcond Street. While Downtown Pomona as a force seems to remain a joke to the general public, I think big things are about to happen and that we will have our share of vultures. And I just don't have any faith that our City leaders will be smart enough or saavy enough to not be outFoxed.

Otherwise, all the buildings are still intact down there. I hope to share some photos of the destruction once they start the tear down.

So, does anyone know who these earnest-looking folks are, or care to guess?


John Clifford said...

I don't recognize any of them, but based on the notebooks that some of them are carrying, they might be architectural students from Cal Poly. I understand that treks to Downtown is a regular part of the urban planning and architectural curriculum.

Anonymous said...

They were filming a tv commercial on Second Street last weekend.