Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pomona's Multi-Tasking Art Galleries

Tonight is the Second Saturday Art Walk downtown in the Pomona Artist Colony. Tonight will also mark the grand opening of yet another new gallery: Ink'd Chronicles Tattoo Studio/Art Gallery at 264 W. 2nd Street. Their business motto: Because every tattoo has a story.

Check out their myspace page, which gives you a sampling of some of their tattoo art. I think the Japanese tattoos are incredibly cool. At 44, I'm in the generation that just missed the tattoo craze. But if I got one, it would definitely be something Japanese. The shop features tattoo artists Steve Martinez, Henry Huff and REAL.

Is it my imagination or do most of the art galleries downtown double as something else? You've got the framing shop that's an art gallery, the wine bar that's an art gallery, and now the tattoo parlor that's... well you fill in the blank.

I'm trying like heck to get my family down to the Art Walk tonight. Because, well, I've never actually been. Problem is that my husband is an un-self-described artist himself and the last "arty" place I dragged him to was the Claremont Packing House. After my billing it as full of non-profits and art businesses, once we were actually inside my husband kept asking me, "So it's a SHOPPING mall?" "So you mean it's just a MALL?" Once we were back outside five minutes later, I conceded that "Yes, it's just a friggin' shopping mall, OKAY?" but it sure looked more interesting on Huell Howser. Oh and not to mention Mr. Big who didn't want to be there either, insisting "Can't we just go to that birthday party now?"

So here's hoping that the Second Street Art Walk, if we get there, and if we stay there for more than five minutes, will have a lot more to offer, at least in terms of artistic street cred.

Oh and me? I'll be the one with the two long haired boys throwing tantrums about wanting to leave.


Anton said...

Watched the site you suggested - I would'n say it looks like Japanese tattoos nevertheless they look pretty nice.I was looking for one for myself and couldn't find yet,each looks too worn.

goddess of pomona said...

Most of them aren't Japanese, but there was one in particular shown on that site that is the same art work you see on Japanese scrolls.
g of P