Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Asked and Answered

We didn't go to the Saturday Night Arts Walk, but we did go down to Second St. for a stroll on Sunday. We saw a bright new ice cream shop going in on the 100 block of Second Street, right where the group of white people were plotting last week. As we got closer, we realized that it was a film set. One of the production assistantants said it was "nothing exciting, just a commercial for Quaker Oats." As we drove out of the area, we saw a car on a truck being filmed as it drove down Mission at Holt. So, thanks to my anoymous reader below, the question of the mysterious white people on Second Street is solved.

Last year, my house came within heartbeats of being the location for this summer's twenty-something thriller Disturbia. Dreamworks' location scouts were in Pomona, looking for a two story craftsman that had windows overlooking a pool. The house was supposed to have the look of people behind on their mortgage payments. That would be our house. In the end, the location scout told us that the filmmakers thought the house was right, but they decided Pomona was too far for the crew to come each day for so long of a production (2 months). The film ended up being done on Painter Avenue in Whittier, mostly at night. Of course any money we had made would have been replaced with resentement from our neighbors over the inconvenience of filming on the street, not to mention what the gaffers tape can do to your woodwork. My husband always said that he would never allow his house to be used for filming, since he knew from experience that filming can absolutely trash a house. But when Steven Spielberg comes a knocking, things change.

I heard the colonial house across from the park was used to film the Jennifer Aniston movie "Father of the Bride" (was that the name?). And, of course, downtown Second Street was used for the Cat and the Hat, which explains all the pastel colors in the antique district.

When I drove by yesterday to snap a photo of the "new" ice cream shop for the blog, it was long gone. So I'll continue to get my cheap scoops and thrills at the Rite Aid on Holt and San Antonio.



meg said...

The Rite Aid is an ice cream mecca? I never woulda known.

Filming is a massive pain -- y'all are well out of that one.

David Allen said...

Interesting, G. At the Art Walk I saw the west side of the former Lela's had been transformed into a bakery or restaurant facade, presumably for a shoot. The logo was "Eat More Cake." It was very retro and cute.

Unfortunately, almost all of the changes were gone Wednesday morning when I stopped by with my camera.