Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pomona Chalk Art Festival on Sat October 13

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I've got a lot of chalk art on the sidewalk in front of my home these days. Ever since Mr. Big went from fleeing at the thought of writing his name, to marking his name everywhere much the same as our un-neutered dog does.

I'm not sure what the chalk art festival is, but we'll check it out -- if not just to say our final farewell to Thomas Plaza as we know it. For those of you who don't know, the Great Wall will soon be coming to Pomona. The City has cleared the way for developers to supersize Second Street. While the "could be anywhere" condos will get the five story treatment, Thomas Plaza will not be similarly supersized. In fact, quite the opposite.

Here's what it says on the City of Pomona's website about the festival:

"Artzlan Street Painting Festival
Location: Thomas Plaza, Downtown Pomona
Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Fee: Open to the public
Phone Number: (909) 869-4689
Coordinator Name: Jonnie J. Owens, Community Relations Program Director

Pomona Big Read will staff a table at the Aztzlan Street Painting Festival, a community event sponsored by the City's Community Services Department and the Cultural Arts Commission. Sign up for reading circles!"

Thanks to reader Ed for the heads up on this one. THE END.


Ed said...

Lets see, dog leaves his mark....... boy leaves his mark.........tagger leaves his mark........... philanthropist puts his name on a building.

Wow, my dog is just a tagger.

Can you imagine what a philanthropic dog would do?

me said...

That's it: my dog is a philanthropist!

Ed said...

Want to trade dogs!