Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pomona Flowers

In the past month, Lincoln Park has lost two residents to illness. One was a fellow dog walker. The other was one of the first people I met in the neighborhood. I met him, his daughter and grandson (all Lincoln Park residents) at the local park, on the day the CHP officer was shot downtown. Of course we had no idea what the helicopters and commotion were all about until we left the park and went home. A mutual friend said it best when she described him as "one of the good guys." Everyone who knew him seemed to have felt a strong personal connection with him, as he was never without a warm greeting, a conversation, and some piece of knowledge to impart. His physical presence will really be missed here in Lincoln Park, but those of us who knew him will contine to remember him.

Another thing that is gone from Pomona, is the tenant of Pomona Flowers (the photo for today). Pomona Flowers is located at the "Pearl Street curve" on Garey Avenue. I sure hope this does not spell the end of Pomona Flowers as a business.

They say change is good. Sometimes it just sucks.


meg said...

I love that building. But it was a sad little florist shop. The blooms didn't even look fake-fresh, and the arrangements were cheezball verging on Martian. They were nice, though.

Andrea said...

In 1994 I got my winter formal flowers there when it was Pollacks Flowers and those were beautiful. I never did go back there after the change of ownership. But I do hope the building stays and we get something cool there.

Anonymous said...

Sad News. The daughter of Nelson Pollock, the original owner of Pollocks Flowers, Lisa, has passed away. She was 40 years young.