Friday, July 20, 2007

The treehouses of Pomona

My son and I recently discovered that we have lots of tree houses here in Lincoln Park, Pomona. I have photographed a few of them, although they are admittedly hard to see since most are surrounded by tree. By far the fanciest of the lot is located at the corner of Jefferson and Eleanor. This one, which is tudor/craftsman transitional if you will, we have nicknamed "Chateau Claremonte" with an e. And Mr. Big refers to the one behind the turquiose gate as "The Barn." The last one pictured seems to have lost it's tree, as well as part of it's roof, making this one the most Pomona-like and close to my heart of the bunch. For those who'd like to build one of their own, apparently this book is the bible of treehouse building. Anyone know if they're still legal to build anymore?


meg said...

Cool! I've only noticed one of those.

I bet Mr. Big would support a proposal to build one in your own yard...

Ed Tomkins said...

Thanks for including the "chateau" in your collection, but could you please choose a different nickname? Since we, like others, have bucked the conventional wisdom and moved from Claremont to Pomona, a more Pomona-based name would be appreciated. Perhaps if another reader can provide the name of the original builders, it may yield a more historically relevant nickname.

Thanks for doing the blog!

Goddess of Pomona said...


Mr. Big TOTALLY wants his own treehouse (and we have a California Live Oak to support it), but I would not want to jeopardize the tree and my husband already has only like a thousand other projects to do on this house first. So for now, we have created the "clubhouse" in the closet underneath our stairs.

And Ed-
Thanks for making a post. Well, we only named it Chateau CLAREMONT because this blog has a running joke about our ugly stepsister Claremont and the hype that surrounds her. You're right tho, it's important that we claim the treehouse as our own. Short of finding out who originally built the tree house (or for a child of what name), perhaps I could be persuaded to refer to the tree house as "The Eleanor Escape." That's the best I could do on short notice. Any other ideas? btw, is that your house, because it is one of my favorites.

Oh and here's to bucking conventional wisdom (clink)

Ed said...

Yes, we lived here a little over 4 years. "The Eleanor Escape" sounds perfect--it's about time a First Lady gets prime billing.
I was wondering why someone was taking pictures! Seeing the post elicited quite the chuckle.
If I can answer any questions on Lincoln Elem. feel free. In case you've seen them and wondered what crazy parents would let their two daughters ride bikes to school.....that's us!

me said...


We've been here 4 years as well.

I HAVE seen your kids coming home rom school and it made me happy to see children in Lincoln Park going to our neighborhood elementary school. I will admit to doing a double take when I first saw them, but I never questioned the sanity of the parents!

I have so many questions about Lincoln. Where to start? Perhaps you could do a guest post on the subject? For starters, what has your experience there been like? How many kids from LIncoln Park do indeed go there?