Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Bad Sign

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Pictured from behind my car's dirty windshield is a Welcome to Pomona/Directory sign that has just been put up on Towne Street, south of the 10 freeway exit. Am I the only one that thinks this sign lacks any sense of design or style? To me, the sign is downright tacky-looking. I am going to start making a point of taking Garey instead, just to avoid remding me of "the powers that shouldn't be" in Pomona who actually thought this sign would look good. The sign is so....El Monte 1974. It's bland, boring and cheap looking. Athough the sign has a slight art deco thing going on, when coupled with the formica-like finish, it's cheesy. Given that the sign is just outside of the Lincoln Park Historic District, why was it not done in a craftsman style? Or alternatively, in the style of the signage announcing the artist colony and antique row on 2nd Street?

If anyone knows who is responsible for this sign, drop me a line at

The only thing worse than the sign itself is the lack of any landscaping around it. If you look closely, someone has even used the sign as a cup holder. I like it as a cup holder! Our freeway exits are the public's first look at Pomona. Is there any way to get anything green on that dirt besides menthol cigarette boxes?

Speaking of smokes, the Smoke Shop at the southeast corner of Palomares and East Holt (in the old Mel's Diner building) has been closed down by the City for "criminal and negligent activities," including the sale of crack pipes. This is going to make my drives up Palomares Street from downtown so much less interesting. But, not to worry, the Smoke Shop will reopen on WEST Holt.

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