Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Pomona Good News Day

Umm, Pomona doesn't get too many good news days in the local press. But yesterday we had one:

First off, was the announcement of a local organic farm that aims to supply local farmer's markets and local citizens with fresh produce by this coming summer. Welcome to the neighborhood, Cal Poly Pomona Organic Produce!

Second, is the story of Pomona's Vejar Elementary, whose dug themselves out of a hole and is no longer considered a failing school. What a difference two percentage points makes! The school is literally considered "off probation." Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone in Pomona on probation could turn such a corner?
The photograph is of Pomona's Saturday morning farmer's market at Garey and Pearl (that's one block above Holt, in the block west of Garey). As you can see from the photo, it is under utilized by the community, despite being home to baked potatoes and tamales, as well as fresh, organic, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. Recently there has even been three different bakers selling bread items. It's a great place to hang out while getting your produce shopping done. And, other than the black top, it's kid friendly.

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sandra said...

Be sure to try the baked goods from the man with the French accent -- truly to die for.