Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anywhere but Here

Too much of the time, Pomona is Pomona's worst enemy. A neighbor told me that when she got a job at one of the colleges in the city of Pomona, she was specifically told by officials at the university that whatever she did, she should not, under any circumstance, live in Pomona. Well, luckily, she did some looking around for herself and found a wonderful home in Pomona, where she lives quite happily.

While doing a google search, I happened upon this dialogue from 1999. Seems to confirm the same sentiment. I know I have said this about a zillion times, but is Pomona that bad?


Ozymandias said...

My wife got several degrees at Western University several years back. At the orientation, she and her fellow students were also told, under no circumstances should they live in Pomona. We wife pointed out that she lived only a few blocks away and in fact walked to the campus.
Crickets chirped.
Next question?

Anonymous said...

My dear, I am loving your blog. I was born and raised in Pomona, haven't lived there for 26 years now (husband in Sacramento, not a wonderful place) and I still miss Pomona! I attended Arroyo Elementary, Marshall Jr and Ganesha Sr HS's. Love the pics at your blog, me so homesick! Anywhere but here?? To those who would say that, my reply: Geeze, try Sacto for a year (or two, or twenty-six), you'll learn to love what you got!